Diaverum, a leading global renal care service provider, announces today it has signed an agreement to sell the entirety of its renal care business in Argentina through the sale of all the shares in Diaverum Argentina S.A. to Grupo Olmos.

Diaverum’s transplantation subsidiary in the country ITAC (Instituto de Trasplantes y Alta Complejidad) is not part of the deal and therefore remains part of the Group.

Grupo Olmos will assume full operation of Diaverum Argentina SA with immediate effect, including all of its 31 dialysis clinics, clinics staff and management team, and is now be responsible for treatment continuity and quality of care to patients.

The Diaverum brand of its former renal care operations in Argentina will be phased out gradually, over the next 12 months. Additional terms and conditions of the transaction will not be disclosed.



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