Hypertension  -   or elevated blood pressure  -   is a serious medical condition and a major cause of premature death worldwide. It can co-exist alongside diabetes and can significantly increase the risk of chronic kidney disease. 

Hypertension often has no symptoms or warning signs – today, as many as 46% of the 1.28 billion adults (30-79 years) worldwide that are suffering from hypertension are unaware they are suffering from the condition. In observing this important day, we share with you some of the ways we can look after ourselves to manage, and perhaps avoid, hypertension: 

  • Reducing salt intake to less than 5g daily (approximately 2 g of sodium) 
  • Eating more fruit and vegetables if high blood potassium is not a concern 
  • Being physically active on a regular basis 
  • Avoiding use of tobacco 
  • Reducing alcohol consumption 
  • Limiting the intake of foods high in saturated fats (e.g.: processed meat such as sausages; full fat dairy products; desserts such as milk chocolate and cakes) 
  • Eliminating/reducing trans fats in diet 
  • Reducing and managing stress 
  • Regularly checking blood pressure with a health professional 
  • Treating high blood pressure 
  • Managing other medical conditions 

Discover more about chronic kidney disease and hypertension on our website.



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