For most kidney patients, being on dialysis requires frequent visits to a hospital or clinic. Dialysis requires access to certain equipment and, in most cases, skilled healthcare staff. As medical care must be guaranteed, being away from home and the accustomed routine can be a challenge.


That’s why we created the d.HOLIDAY programme. A programme which means that renal care patients easily can get access to dialysis care in another city or country – making it possible to visit family or go on holiday.


With more than 400 Diaverum clinics around the world, renal care patients have plenty of locations to choose from, ensuring high quality and personalised dialysis care.

Go to locations to find out more about our clinics and where we are present.

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Living a fulfilling life

Filipe, a young dialysis patient, travels around the world with his family.

Find out more about Filipe and his story


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