CKD is an escalating, global challenge. It has multiple causes, including many linked to unhealthy lifestyles. Moreover, it adds to the unsustainable growth in expenditure and disease burden affection national healthcare systems and patients around the world.

To tackle this challenge, digital innovation is key – it has the potential to unlock an unprecedented level of personalised, standardised, efficient and high-quality care.

In the future, we see physical clinics and digital platforms combining to improve renal care. This will include AI predictive analytics and mobile apps contributing to the delivery of efficient and personalised care, adjusted to each patient’s needs.

Our Digital Transformation

We are developing digital solutions and applications around our patients’ needs to improve treatment effectiveness, efficiency and medical outcomes worldwide, while also empowering them to contribute to their own care and well-being.


Our human-centric, explainable, and responsible AI solutions are designed to support our physicians in deliver personalised care to our patients.

We are building our own AI development factory to train, validate, deploy and monitor a series of AI models that will address important unmet clinical needs. Read more here.

d.CARE renal information management platform

d.CARE is our proprietary renal information management platform.  It combines data related to clinical management, medical reporting, clinic processes and administration, driving clinical workflows and medication management.

d.CARE app

The d.CARE patient application empowers patients to engage with their healthcare team in a two-way conversation about their treatment, via their smartphone or tablet. It is both iOS and Android-enabled.

Patients use the app to input information about their health, diet, exercise habits and overall quality of life & lifestyle. In turn, the app provides information related to their treatment, and thus actively engages them in their own care and well-being.

Pharma Guidance SysteM (PGS)

Our PGS is an algorithm-based system. In combination with the personalised data retrieved from d.CARE, it advises on optimal medication requirements, based on the needs of each individual patient.

Treatment Guidance system (TGS)

Diaverum’s TGS supports our nursing staff in adhering to standarised clinical workflows, minimising care variability and margin for errors. Accessed via a tablet adjacent to the patient’s chair or bedside, the TGS collects and provides information through the dialysis treatment, in a paperless environment. 


d.CONNECT is a fully automated solution for data collection, encompassing dialysis monitors and weighing scales. It then extracts and stores data, automatically populating the TGS.


Our virtual education platform for patients, nurses, physicians and business leaders.

Our care delivery model

At the centre of what we do is a highly standardised proprietary Care Delivery Model, based on five pillars of excellence.

Explore our care delivery model

Public-private partnerships

Enabling healthcare systems to provide universal access to world-class renal care.

Learn more about our partnerships

Life enhancing renal care

Benchmark dialysis services, consistently delivered to every patient in each of our clinics worldwide, based on a culture of true care. Because everyone deserves a fulfilling life.

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