Our patient centric approach is the cornerstone of our sustainability work. We want to improve access to high-quality renal care and we deliver it with competence, passion and inspiration.

We believe in access to care wherever there is a need and we operate in many regions where high-quality renal treatment was previously unavailable. Across the world, our dedicated people bring expertise and professionalism to support national health authorities. We help define their renal care strategy, reducing the cost of care and aiming to rapidly improve medical outcomes.

Our core belief in access to opportunity extends to our employees, and we are committed to gender equality and workforce development in the markets where we operate. Investment in digital innovation has resulted in improved quality of care and increased overall health literacy, with patients empowered to take control of their treatment. 

Together with our suppliers and partners, we continuously seek ways to reduce our environmental impact without compromising the secure supply of clean water and energy which are essential for our life-enhancing treatment. 

Through our patient centric approach, investment in technology and focus on sustainability, we believe we can transform renal care around the world. 

You can read more about our commitment and progress in our Sustainability Report, downloadable at the bottom of this page.

Our patients

We have a holistic patient-centered approach that focuses on excellent clinic experiences as well as improved medical outcomes. We have invested in digital innovation to automate data capture, minimising human errors and maximising the time that our staff can devote to our patients. Educating and supporting patients and families for better treatment outcomes is a key priority.

Access to care

We bring world-class renal care to patients, wherever they live. As a global company which continuously adds new clinics and enters new markets, Diaverum has developed a proven, rigorous market entry screening and assessment strategy to establish whether we can enter and operate in a given country while upholding our strong values.

Operating responsibly

We conduct our business in a compliant, transparent and ethical way. Our approach is underpinned by robust governance, policies and processes. We have zero-tolerance for human rights abuses, compliance breaches and unethical behaviour. Our expected behaviours are outlined in our Code of Conduct (downloadable at the bottom of this page) and embedded through regular training for our employees.


We are tackling our biggest environmental impact - water consumption - whilst ensuring stringent water quality standards. We are decreasing water and energy use by collaborating with dialysis unit manufacturers, standardising new clinic construction and using digital tools to operate efficiently.

Employees and wellbeing

Diaverum ensures the health and safety of our employees and cares for their wellbeing through regular engagement, initiatives and benefits. We are acutely aware of the need to recruit and retain the best staff, which is why we offer all our healthcare professionals high-quality training and equal career opportunities.

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